I wear a plethora of hats . . . career woman, designer, sister, daughter, aunt, wife, mom, stepmom, friend, and entrepreneur.

I even get called a lot of things 🙂 But the one that most accurately defines me, is passionate. I am passionate about what I believe in, what I love, and my work. I put my heart and soul into anything that I spend my time doing. And that is what makes me a kick-ass designer.

I have been designing for over 17 years now, officially. I have worn the title of contractor, freelancer, designer, senior designer, art director, and creative director in advertising agencies, retail markets, in-house corporate environments, and for small businesses.

All of this has allowed me to grow into the designer that I am today and do what I love. I know what people want. I know what works and what will likely flop. I know what companies need. I listen to you and I actually hear you! I will be your Brand Ambassador and ensure consistency across all marketing and advertising platforms, in both traditional and digital media. Your brand integrity is crucial to growing your business.